Why ripoffreport.com is a scam

It seems to me that lately in doing research online I am finding scam after scam. First, let me give my definition of scam. A scam is anything deliberating deceiving. The worse are the true cons. A scam set up to take your money. These scams set up multiple websites to support the scam, even scam reports that are scams. These are bad but con men understand that people like and want to get something for nothing or the idea of getting rich overnight. They feed off this.

Not all scams are after your money. Some are designed to capture your opinion. I believe there are scams to steal your vote. Politicians tell lies and half truths and run negative campaigns, all to hide the truth about themselves. That’s a scam. Sorry, it’s a week before elections and I’m sick of it.


I visited this website and found out some interesting information. First, whoever owns this site is not authoring reviews. It says “by consumers, for consumers”. This concept is good but I don’t really know how well it’s working out. I mean I’m sure whatever they’re promoting they’re doing OK, but as for scam or ripoff reporting, I’m not sure. Look, I don’t know about all that’s reported, but allow me to tell you about my experience visiting this site.

I visited ripoffreport to see what was being said about the scams in binary options trading. I was surprised to see only 13 scam reports. My guess is that not as many people fell for the scams as I thought. Then again, maybe people just aren’t as willing to report being conned. Real estate scams abound. I was curious to see any negative reports on Wealthy Affiliate. There were 20. I was surprised, no, flabbergasted. 20. I began to read the complaints. The first, a refund issue, was satisfied. The next was a vicious rant, full of what I found to be lies and half truths, by what I can only assume to have been a very bitter individual. I wanted to offer a rebuttal, but to do that one has to join. The next 3 complaints weren’t so much against WA as they were against an individual website ethanvanderbuilt.com.


That’s a screenshot of his website. I visited his site. He is an affiliate marketer. His reviews all seemed to be honest and forthright. The complaints against him may have all come from the same person, because they seem to be centered around his “crime” of being an affiliate and making money from his website. It was while I read the third of these complaints that it happened. I was hacked, my computer froze. I quickly unplugged and I will not return. EVER.

To my way of thinking, the owner of a legitimate website owes it to their readership to not allow this to happen. When you allow anyone who joins to post content on your website, protections should be in place. They don’t seem to care and they accept no responsibility for the content on their site. Therefore, what I call a scam.

What is not a scam

Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. Before joining, I checked out WA as much as I could. I really couldn’t find any negatives. Think about it, here’s a platform offering free access. No credit card required. Free to join and access to the membership for seven days. Yes, to retain that access to members after 7 days, you must become a premium member. ¬†You are allowed to keep your starter membership as long as you like, but if you’re serious about affiliate marketing, the premium membership is the way to go. Try the starter. Wear it for a week, see how it fits, it’s free, you’ve got nothing to lose. You tell me, does this sound like a scam. I don’t think so.


Maybe you are not interested in becoming an affiliate. Maybe you have a product or service you would like to promote online. If so, let me tell you, you’re going to need a website. Your free starter membership gives you 2 websites and will teach you how to build those websites. Do you have any idea what those 2 sites, plus hosting, would cost outside of WA. Also, if your not familiar with building a website, you’ll get so lost, a posse won’t be able to find you. Please believe me, all the help you need is inside WA waiting for you. If you’ve ever thought about this, now is your chance. What are you waiting for? There will never be a better opportunity and it’s free to join.

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