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By | December 21, 2016


In this article I am going to explain, or try to, the many different website hosting services available. I know I’m not going to get all of them, but I will try to get to the most popular and maybe one you don’t know about. Because they go together like hand and glove, I’d also like to discuss website building.


There are many hosting services and if you compile a list of the top ten, they’re all good. It really depends on your level of expertise and your wallet which is best. I’ll try to give you some information that I hope will be helpful in your search.

What Is Website Hosting About

A website host is a business that is providing the technology and service needed to view a website or webpage on the internet. These hosting companies have computers, known as servers, where websites are stored, or hosted.

Different Types of Website Hosting

Shared hosting is the most common form of hosting, because it is the most affordable. That makes it the most popular. Of course, shared means you’re sharing resources like bandwidth, memory and processing power. This is fine, usually, for small business and personal websites, who don’t have high traffic demands.

VPS, virtual private server, is for those who demand more power but don’t want the high expense of a dedicated server. With VPS you can expect higher performance. More important however is the fact that you have greater control to manage your special needs.

Dedicated hosting is exactly what the name implies, complete and total access to a physical server. This gives the highest level of security and customization available.

Cloud hosting is similar to VPS in that there is no physical server. Cloud hosting is extremely stable. If industry best up time is what you’re after, along with rapid scalability, you should check out cloud hosting. Cloud VPS is a hybrid service, combining cloud and VPS technologies.

Tools For Building A Website

The most important tool for building your website is the content management system (CMS). There are many CMS available and to be honest, I was surprised in doing research just how many there are. Unless you are highly developed technically in HTML, PHP or CSS then it is best if we stick with the top three. Even one of those requires some degree of technical proficiency.

WordPress is by far the world’s most popular CMS. Instant, automated one-click installation. It has many more plug-ins and themes that make it easily customizable. Because of its popularity, third party developers and designers have come up with many free or inexpensive WP tools.

Drupal is among the most powerful options available. It is technically advanced with faster response times than WP or Joomla. It should be noted here that all CMS can be bogged down by to many third party plug-ins.

It is customizable, with plug-ins, themes and configurable options to choose from. However, if you’re considering Drupal, you should have a basic knowledge of HTML, PHP and common programming languages. Understanding code problems and error message troubleshooting is probably important.

Joomla is the second most used behind WP and is a good compromise between the two. It also has many plug-ins and themes to choose from and is best for:

  • Social networking
  • Commerce sites
  • Not too technical

All three are free to download, however WP is the only one with a free hosting option.

In researching this article, I checked to see which of the three is recommended for beginners. The overwhelming choice among experts was WP. Hands down, they all recommended WP for the beginner.


The Best Website Hosting Companies

I looked at a dozen websites rating the top ten or fifteen hosting services. Many of these were affiliate websites. This does not belittle their review in any way. One site has top experts doing reviews and you must accept their opinion even if they have an affiliate connection. To be honest, I value their review more than the review that only posts viewers comments. It has been my experience that satisfied customers seldom give compliments, while dissatisfied users are quick to complain and sometimes a little to vigorously. I’m not saying it isn’t justified but you should research thoroughly. 

I read bad reviews about one hosting service that complained that the cost of hosting tripled without them being notified. A word of caution, when you’re searching for a host, some prices stated are introductory and after you sign up, your renewal is automatic at the regular price. The regular price is sometimes triple. Research!

  • Bluehost                
  • Flywheel
  • ehost                    
  • hostclear               
  • ideahost                
  • ipage                 
  • hostgator                        
  • justhost              
  • fatcow  
  • siteground
  • inmotion
  • liquid web
  • cloudhosted
  • siteblog
  • ipower
  • wp engine
  •  host dime
  • Google cloud platform
  • vultr
  • linode
  • A small orange

The above list is a consensus of top hosting services and in no particular order. I realize that I left out some, but I wasn’t trying to list them all. Also, some services are not offering introductory pricing. When you compare, it appears they are higher priced but that is not really the case. Shared hosting introductory pricing generally ran from $1.99 to $5.99 a month. $15 per mo. and up seemed to be the norm for services not offering introductory prices.



You have to decide which path to choose. That’s why it’s important to do research, both for now and the future. I’m just trying to shed a little light and I certainly hope I’m being helpful.

Honestly, I wish somebody had told me these things before I started. It would have saved me some time and money.

When I decided I wanted to develop a website, I purchased a domain name, got hosting (I went for the cheap price) and started to build my website. I didn’t know anything and it was all very confusing, but I got it started, wrote a couple posts and saw I was lost. I backed off and went looking for something that was going to work. I found it. Problem was I lost what I started when I cancelled hosting. At least now I was on the right path.

When I started my first website I had so many questions and I found out I wasn’t able to get the answers I needed. I didn’t really know what questions to ask.

I was now beginning to understand the importance of support. You must never under estimate its value. Support is the backbone of what we do. A prime concern when looking for a hosting service should be the quality of support. Once again this is where WordPress comes out on top. WP support is second to none. So, if you’re a beginner, then you should have one answer. You’ll want a WP website. Are you ready to get started? Ready to take the next step towards the freedom of working when and where you want to, not have to?

If you’ve read this far then I have your attention. Good, because now I have something really important to tell you. I’ve got another answer for you. I’m going to tell you about a hosting company that hasn’t been mentioned yet. Webhostpython.com. They are an independent web hosting service that owns and operates their own hardware for hosting services. Their Venom Power offers speeds 30X faster than conventional web hosting, but what sets them head and shoulders above the competition is the commitment to first rate customer service. If you’re looking for web hosting, check out webhostpyhon.com.

I will respond to all questions or comments as quickly as possible. Please feel free to drop me a line below.

Thank you,


4 thoughts on “Who Has Best Website Hosting Service

  1. Matt's Mom

    Great information on website hosting services. I really didn’t know there were that many choices. I use WP for my website, but I have heard of Joomla and Drupal. Are they all pretty similar as far as ease of use? I find Word Press fairly easy. And I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Allan Post author

      Thanks for stopping by. Thank you especially for the comments. Personally, I don’t know how easy Joomla or Drupal is to use. I have 3 websites and they’re all WP. Research tells me Joomla is a good platform for commerce. I’ll stick with WP and Wealthy Affiliate. I did try another hosting service but it didn’t work out to well.

      Thank you and I hope we’ll talk again,


  2. Darren

    Hi there. You have offered some very clear and insightful definitions differentiating between the various types of website hosting that are available. Thank you. I’ve been thinking of upgrading my hosting and was trying to choose between VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. Your post has clarified a few points for me and I now know which way to go. Thanks again.

    1. Allan Post author

      Hi Darren,

      I thank you for stopping by and I’m pleased If my post was helpful. I wish you the best of luck and if I can help in any other way, let me know.



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