What Does It Take To Earn Money Online. A Review of digital altitude

By | January 3, 2017


I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying “It takes money to make money”. This is an old business adage and it’s true. Yes, you do have to spend money to make money. The real trick is knowing where and how to spend that money. It’s called investing in your business and you must invest properly. By the way, I prefer to say it takes money to earn money. Remember this and I’ll tie it all in later.

A Review  of Digital Altitude

  • Product: Aspire/Digital Altitude
  • Owner: Michael Force
  • Website:  www.digitalaltitude.co
  • Price: way to high + upsells
  • Rating:  0 out of  10


The owner of this site is very well known in the internet world. Digital altitude is the brain child of Michael Force. He was one of the top producers at empower network, a company that lost top producers because of their business practices. Digital altitude seems to be a model of empower network. It appears the common theme is MLM pyramid.

I’m not going to debate MLM. It works for some and not for others. The MLM’s that work generally have some physical product involved. I’m sure everyone knows who Mary Kay is. A forerunner in MLM and she had a physical product. She said ”It’s like keeping the bathtub full with the drain open“. When the only thing you have to promote is membership, it seems that only the very top people on the pyramid make money.

In my opinion, the problem with digital altitude is that, essentially, there is no product other than motivational training, marketing techniques and how to’s on building automated systems to save time and money.

The first red flag. Digital altitudes members are called affiliates and instead of promoting a product, basically they are recruiting members. When all you have to sell is membership and no real product, then you are a recruiter for a pyramid MLM, not an affiliate.

The second red flag is you have to pay a $17 monthly fee to be an affiliate. Millions of people are earning money online as affiliate marketers. No legitimate company with an affiliate program charges a fee for an affiliate to promote their products.

Third red flag. You have to purchase the product to promote it. This one is bright red.

Fourth red flag. You only get commissions for your level. Let’s assume for a minute that you’re an affiliate. You have paid your affiliate membership of $17 a month and say you are at the aspire hiker level paying $67 a month. You now refer a new member who joins at the rise level ($1997). Guess what, you will not receive a commission because you are not at that level. This forces you to join at a higher level, assuming you can afford it, just so you can collect higher commissions. This is what I call a scam. 

How Digital Altitude Works 

Digital altitude offers a trial membership for $1. This is how they grab the newbies. That’s the people new to internet marketing and eager to make money online. Be careful here. Think about this, $1 and he gets your credit card information and some personal data. The trial membership is for 14 days and if you’re not interested after 2 weeks and don’t cancel, you’ll be billed for a monthly membership. 

Aspire levels of Digital Altitude

Aspire walker $37 a mo.

  • 40% commission
  • 1 tier payout
  • members area
  • start up training videos      

Aspire hiker $67 a mo.

  • Up to 50% commission
  • 2 tiers payout
  • members area
  • training videos
  • weekly training

Aspire climber  $127 a mo.

  • Up to 60% commission
  • 3 tiers payout
  • members area
  • training videos
  • weekly training
  • and much more

Michael Force in his mission statement says:

“Our program was not designed for business people. It was designed for moms, dads, high school graduates, waiters and waitresses, passionate creatives, college dropouts and anyone in between”

As a climber member you would be paying $144 a month. Some how that seems to me to be a little above some people on the above list. Another thing, notice the up to on the commission payout. So, even if you’re a climber, you may not get the full 60% commission.

When you become a member, you are assigned a life time coach. This coach is supposed to help guide you. Actually, your coach is a highly trained closer salesperson whose main purpose is to sell you upgrades. If you should need the help of a coach to close the deal on a referral, your commission would only be 10, 20 or 30%.

The Digital Altitude Products

Now we come to the real meaty part. There are five high ticket digital altitude products. They are memberships, so I don’t think they really qualify as product. These consist of motivational and training videos set up in modules.


1. The Base Membership:  $595 one time payment

Here there are 12 modules in 3 sections. This one teaches you how to prepare, launch and grow your business by showing you how to hook the customer and keep him on the line, and then reel him in. How to build your automated system to make money and save time.

2. The Rise Membership: $1997 one time payment

This ones 19 modules in 5 sections. I admit that I’ve never committed to this program but I’ve talked to somebody who has and he informs me that in this training you learn how to trigger a desire in your customers mind that is so powerful, he’s almost forced to buy. These can be really useful marketing tools if you have something useful to promote.

3. The ascend Membership:  $9997 one time payment

You’re climbing higher now. You haven’t reached the upper atmosphere, but you’re getting close. This level is a three day retreat in a Las Vegas hotel. All accommodations and travel for two is covered. Honestly, I could take my wife across country for 3 days in Vegas, lose $4000 at the tables and it wouldn’t cost me $10,000. But then I wouldn’t learn 6 strategies to scale traffic or how to build a team. Then again I could probably learn that on the internet for nothing. What I wouldn’t be able to do is meet a bunch of people who can afford to throw away $10,000, which I’m not able to do either.

4. The Peak Membership: $16,997 one time payment

Just one of the many things you learn for $17,000 is 5 strategies to autopilot a retirement income while you sleep.

I know this much. If you can afford $17,000 for this, then money means absolutely nothing to you. Also, the aspire walker members who are forking over $54 a month mean even less. It’s the bottom tier guys whose money the top 1 percent are dividing up.

5. The Apex Membership: $27,997 one time payment.

What can I say. You’ve reached the top. Hand over that wad of cash and you’re in the top 1 percent. You can now feed off the bones of those lowly schleps who can’t make it up the mountain. Of course you don’t have to feel bad because your money has bought you a seven day retreat in Las Vegas. 

Remember Michael force’s mission statement. The people he said he built this for. Do you think those stay at home moms and dads, waiters and waitresses can lay down $28,000 for this program. NO, they can’t. If these people become affiliates, they can’t collect commissions on the high ticket items because they can’t afford them.

In the beginning I talked about it taking money to make money. I think you can see how they use that philosophy to convince people to join their program. I personally don’t think it’s a good investment.

In doing research for this article, I came across a u tube done by a Gabriel Reed. He was doing a report on his first 3 months in digital altitude. He reported total earnings of $200. He had referred 50 people to the program. This looks like a very low conversion rate, to refer 50 and earn only $200.

Who is this program it for

Definitely not for newbies who are trying for the first time to earn money online. This is a program for wealthy, experienced internet entrepreneurs who are able to quickly and easily build their down lines. 

Earlier I mentioned empower network and, to be honest, digital altitude seems to be modeled after it. James Bonadies, one of the top producers at empower who made a lot of money there, quit saying this ” I got sick of shoving lies down the throats of innocent people, at the time I didn’t know they were lies, and got sick of selling the system so other people can sell the system. I call it the revolving door to hell”. He went on to say it was a path to financial ruin.

When the only thing you have to sell is membership then you are promoting a pyramid MLM, which eventually will collapse of it’s own weight.

You can learn a lot in this program, I am not denying that, but there are better ways and places to learn these same things for a whole bunch less money.


I think digital altitude is a scam and can not recommend it. 

For all those stay at home moms and dads, waiters and waitresses, high school grads, college drop outs and students, passionate creatives and all those in between. Are you looking to earn money online? Do you think internet marketing is for you? If you think so, then drop me a line at allan@avoidscams-earnmoney.com. Let’s start a dialog and see if we can help each other. I’d love to talk and help in any way I can.

If you would like to leave a comment or should you have any questions, I really would like to hear from you. drop me a line below and I’ll respond ASAP. 

I thank you for your time,


4 thoughts on “What Does It Take To Earn Money Online. A Review of digital altitude

  1. Neil

    I had joined Digital Altitude at the basic level, and although the training may seem legit, the costs for the program are outrageous. – The main reason I quit!

    Like every other MLM, Digital Altitude teaches you how to promote its own program and is designed to rip people off with plenty of high ticket membership fees.

    I’d say the $1 trial is the only best part about ADA, lol.

    I think anyone who invests into Michael’s program definitely needs their head checking out!

    Thanks for the review.


    1. Allan Post author

      Thanks for the comment Neil. I would love to hear from any other members or former members. I just don’t think it’s a good program, especially for newbies. I also have ethical issues and I couldn’t pull the trigger even for a buck. Glad you’re out Neil.

      Good luck in the future,


  2. Kurtis Quick

    It is just so weird that I found out about this program from one of my favorite social media accounts. I think they are trying to rip people off??

    The price tag of this is insane. Who would spend that much money on something like this? Thanks for the write up

    1. Allan Post author

      Hello Kurtis,

      First, let me thank you for visiting my post. I’m pleased if I was of any help to you. I’m sure their intention is not to rip people off. The people at the top of the pyramid are making a lot of money. The lower level people join, hoping to share the bonanza but the truth is they just pay off the upper level and they’re the ones that have to do the promoting in order to get ROI. It truly is like trying to fill a bathtub with the drain open and the ones on the bottom go down the drain first. It would be very different if only they had products to promote other than just membership.

      Good luck to you, Kurtis and if I can be of service, let me know.



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