Do surveys online really pay

Do surveys pay? The answer is yes. Just not much. There are many survey sites out there that will pay you for your opinions. Personally, I feel that the ones making money out of surveys are the survey websites. Let’s face it, companies want consumers opinions and pay for them. This stuff is life’s blood… Read More »

Binary Trading online

I started this post by researching online. I was interested to learn binary options trading. There are some people who call binary options trading (BOT), I’m going to get tired typing it out, a scam. It  is not a scam. It is definitely legitimate. The thing is that the internet is loaded with BOT scams.… Read More »

What are keywords and how to use them

Very simply, keywords are the words you type into Google, Bing, Firefox or whatever search engine you use, to find what you are looking for. The more people that use these keywords, the more important they become to marketers. These keywords are the vehicles that drive passengers, traffic, to your website. The right keywords can… Read More »

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2016

My Wealthy Affiliate Review   Product: Wealthy Affiliate Price: starter membership is free Price: premium membership $49 per mo./$359 per yr. Owners: Carson and Kyle Website: Rating: 94 out of 100 Introduction Wealthy Affiliate is probably the most innovative business community online. I stress community because it is, I think, the most important aspect of… Read More »

Getting started

What is affiliate marketing? Simply, affiliate marketing is a system whereby you earn commissions for promoting goods or services on your website. Ever thought about owning your own website. Well, if you’re interested in working at home, earning money online, setting your own hours and being your own boss, you’ll need a website. This might not be… Read More »