Introduction to Online Selling Tactics

By | November 26, 2016

First, I have to say if you’re reading this then you are interested in online marketing. Now, I know that many people are skeptical about buying training courses. Sort of like buying a pig in a poke. Believe me when I say I understand. I only want to help. In an effort to offer you quality choices, I have researched all the products I review. My way of helping you is by being as thorough as I can be in that research.

If I research a product and find it to be questionable or even borderline scam, I would rather call it scam, than have my readers taken in. It is of no benefit to me if you feel deceived or worse–cheated. I can only help by offering you something of value. That being said, I offer you my review of “Online Selling Tactics”.

Review of Online Selling Tactics

Product Overview


Online Selling Tactics is a premium training course that will teach you the secrets to building a successful e commerce business from the bottom up. It will teach you the tactics of e bay powersellers. The information covered in this course has been researched and tested over a 12 month period and has been proven to work. Teaching is by an over the shoulder method and leaves nothing uncovered. No mystery or confusion about how to build your business successfully.

No technical knowledge is required. This course offers the new to online marketing people a great opportunity to get started earning money. This is information suitable to all levels of entrepreneur. 

In this training you will get real resources you can use to build your business. It won’t just teach you the steps but will give you the tools needed to put the training into action. Real resources like access to SaleHoo’s directory of over 8,000 legitimate, low cost wholesalers. Also, SaleHoo’s market research labs, which is a powerful tool for finding profitable products to sell. Then there are the email templates, another great tool for innovative marketing strategies.

What’s Included


  • 7 core videos- over 60 minutes each, packed with content and advice.
  • CEOs and marketing managers of some of the most exciting market places offer predictions of the future of e commerce.
  • Note taking feature for storing your notes as you progress through the course.
  • Hand picked supplier lists.
  • Email templates
  • Expert demonstrations and practical step by step instructions from pros
  • Bonus videos for newbies to get you up to speed as quickly as possible
  • A 1 year subscription to SaleHoo, including SaleHoo’s directory and market research labs

Who is it for

  • Newbies, those interested in the e commerce world but don’t know how to get started. You’ll get step by step instruction
  • Intermediate, possibly part timers, maybe you have your own e store but would like to know the secrets of the powersellers that will enable you to earn full time income
  • Advanced users looking for advanced strategies, for example email marketing
  • stay at home moms or dads who want to earn extra money from home
  • College students who can earn money without leaving your dorm room. Trust me, it’s better if you don’t have big student loans

Included in the training are 3 bonus lessons, designed for the beginner, so they get you caught up and on track quickly.

I read the story of an experienced online seller who said he spent a thousand dollars searching for a way to compete with the powersellers on e bay. He said nothing worked until he found Online Selling Tactics. He felt he had nothing to lose, signed up for the training and now his business is doing better than ever, all thanks to the pros who designed the training.

Pros and Cons

The pros of this program are all listed in the very impressive “What’s Included” section of this review. As if all of this isn’t enough there is a 60 day money back guarantee. This is real. Try it for 59 days and if you’re not satisfied, ask for your money back. you’ll get it, but my bet is you’ll be satisfied. You will probably get your money back ten fold before you know it.

In my research,checking comments and other reviews, I could not find any legitimate negatives.  The most common of negative comments was “you can’t make money selling on E-Bay.”  Think about that comment for a moment.  Now ask yourself if E-Bay got where it is by not selling anything.  I know money can be made selling on E-Bay.

The price for lifetime access to this great training is $247 or 3 monthly payments of $97.

My final verdict is this is a legitimate business opportunity. This is your chance to get started building that online business you’ve only been dreaming about. All the training and resources you need start earning the money that’s going to give you the freedom you want. The freedom to work when you want, from anywhere you choose. Don’t forget about the 60 day money back guarantee. Now’s your chance, try it out now. What are you waiting for?

 Please, if you have any questions or if you’d like to leave a comment, I’ll try to respond as soon as possible.

Thanks for your time,


4 thoughts on “Introduction to Online Selling Tactics

  1. Darren

    I do some internet marketing as well as sell eBooks and I’ve been looking for some good tips on how to increase sales and conversions. You mention some handy sounding tools on here which I intend to look into further. I also feel I might need some further training. Thanks for the advice and this great post, Allan.

    1. Allan Post author

      Hello Darren,

      Thank you for the visit and I’m pleased you took the time to comment. I’m even happier that you got something useful from my post. Online Selling Tactics is a great platform for learning. It has been put together by people who have been selling successfully online for years and is designed for all levels of entrepreneur.

      Good luck and be well,


  2. Neil

    I am interested in becoming involved in internet marketing because it would be awesome to build an online business for myself and earn a full-time income. 🙂

    I must say, the Online Selling Course sounds superb! I actually know an eBay power seller and the kind of money he’s generating in revenue, so it would be a great path for me to start on.

    The training videos seem fantastic, and to get OSC for under $250 is even better!


    1. Allan Post author

      Hi Neil,

      It certainly is great training to get started, but also for the experienced marketer, the email templates can be a great asset. Also, that’s a lifetime price. No yearly fee, access forever.

      Thanks for visiting,



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