How To Learn Affiliate Marketing

By | December 8, 2016

What is Affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing is basically revenue sharing. The affiliate is earning a commission from a company by advertising products or services of that company. On the internet this process is accomplished through a website. A website is the affiliates store front. It is ones business address, where you can find the goods or services being advertised. When you come across a product you’re interest in, that website is not necessarily selling that product. They are offering you a link with the company selling the product. This is what’s called affiliate marketing. When you click on that link, if you make a purchase, the website owner earns a commission. You don’t pay any more for that product than if you went direct to the company. It’s just that the affiliate gets paid for the referral.

The Key To Earning Money Online

There are thousands of ways to earn money online. One way is to do surveys. There are at least a dozen good survey companies online. I know they work because I’ve earned money taking surveys. They can be time consuming, but if you enjoy giving your opinion as a consumer they can be fun and sometimes you get to learn about new products. If you’re sitting in front of a screen playing games or socializing, this might be a good way to monetize your time online.

  If you have a product of your own or a service you’d like to promote, you could do this online.  Then, of course, there’s affiliate marketing. To promote your own product or to do affiliate marketing, you are going to need a website. A website is your key to earning money online. Building a website might not be as difficult as you would think, but it could be confusing.

How To Build A Website Free

So you want to build a website. One way would be to go to a company offering domain registration. Places like godaddy, hostgator, zoothost or namecheap. Usually registering a domain name is about 9 to 15 dollars a year.

Next, you’ll need hosting for your new website. The cost of hosting is going to depend a great deal on exactly what you want from a hosting service. Usually the price varies from about $3.95 a month up to fifty or more. Depending.

Now you’re ready to start building your website. So the next question is “do it yourself or pay somebody to build it”. Paying to have a website built can be expensive. Once again, depends on what you want. I can help relieve some of the confusion.

If all this interests you, then I have the best, and I mean best program available and it’s free to join. That’s right, I said free, zero, zilch. No credit card required. Do I have your attention? Are you interested?

What is the best online Affiliate marketing programs.

2016-12-04It’s not really a secret. Did you know that WA now has over 800,000 members? This is the best platform of its kind available anywhere. Do you know why this is? I’ll tell you. It’s because of the community at WA. That’s where the support comes from and that’s what WA is all about. Some of the smartest and most successful internet entrepreneurs are members here at WA and they’re here answering questions. There’s live chat 24/7 or you can ask questions in classrooms or training modules.


As a starter (free) member you’ll get 2 free websites. The first thing you do, after filling out your profile, is start building that website. It’s a WordPress website. It is the number 1 rated content management system (CMS) available. Many free themes to choose from. Don’t get to hung up on it, you can always change themes.

Kyle, one of the owners at Wealthy Affiliate, has made these great step by step tutorials that will teach and guide you through the process. The lesson plans are task based, so you’ll be immediately putting to use what you just learned.

I think the best part of this business is that you work from anywhere. Work from home or the coffee shop, even when traveling or on vacation. All you need is your laptop and WiFi. 

Build your website, start your training, you will be on your way and it’s a fascinating journey. One which I’m sure you’re going to enjoy and it’s free to get started.


Please, if you have any questions or comments, I really would appreciate the chance to respond. Got anything to say, drop me a line below. As always, thank you for the time.


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