Can I Earn Money Online

The simple answer to that question is yes. There are plenty of people doing just that every day. Is it easy to earn money online? There are people who say it is. I have usually found that these people are trying to sell me something and that something may be making them easy money. Look, let’s be honest, you are reading this because you’re trying to make money. Well, so am I. Nothing wrong with that. What I won’t do, to make money, is lie to you. I will not try to deceive you. If I am going to promote something, then I feel it has to have value. You should feel the same. There are to many cons and scams all over the internet.


Hope I still have your attention. To be even more honest let me tell you, I am writing this post not to sell anything. My hope is to give you something. Something you can use on your journey. I’m not even sure what that is myself. I assume that if you’re reading this, you are looking to earn money online. Good, so by writing this, hopefully we help each other.

I want to earn money online

If you have said, or even thought that, then first you must take it seriously. Nobody is going to give you anything. This is work and you must work at it. What I’m doing right now is work. I am writing in the hope you are reading. Content, it’s called, and I hope it is of value. I expect it to be. I want it to be, otherwise, no one will read it. Be serious and others will take you seriously.

Next, research. See what others write. Don’t copy. Study. What you find interesting, other people will to. Soak it all in and then when you write, be original. Relay your ideas on what you’ve learned.

Shop. Find things to sell or promote. If you feel something has value, then it’s probably of value to others.

Time. This is important. It takes time for all of this. Learning, researching, shopping, planning, writing and editing. Don’t forget editing. Double, triple check if necessary, each word, sentence and paragraph of what you write. It is important that you convey your ideas to your audience.

Be professional. Website, you tube video, blog or podcast, look professional.

One last thing, do not give up. This is really important. All this takes time and I know that time is the one thing you can afford. Without effort there is no success. Failure is in not trying.


Yes, you can earn money online. It is not easy, but it is worth the effort. You will have to work hard, spend time researching, planning and writing on the front end so that you can reap the benefits on the back end. Trust me when I say if you develop a plan, follow that plan and stick to it, you will succeed. Have faith and trust in yourself.

If you found what I had to say useful or interesting or have questions, go to bottom of page and leave me a comment.Even if you think I’m full of it, drop me a line.