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When I started this I thought that building a website was going to be the hard part. I could not have been more wrong. Here at Wealthy Affiliate we use WordPress. If you never heard of it, don’t feel alone. I hadn’t until I started this journey. I’m told that over 60% of all websites are built by WordPress. The hard part is picking a theme and I’ve changed mine a couple of times.

Overall it’s pretty easy but rather than me boring you with the written word, allow me to show you the lesson on creating a website in 30 seconds. Just click on the video below. 


Below, in absolutely no order of importance, are some aspects of building a website.

  • CMS- this stands for Content Management System, which is exactly what WordPress is.
  • Professional appearance- WordPress designed themes will go a long way in helping with that.
  • ease of navigation
  • Speed- how quickly does your website load.
  • Quality content

The last is on you. You are going to have to do some work yourself. Don’t worry, as I said, there is plenty of help available in the community and over 1,400 beautifully designed WordPress themes to choose from. Also, over 10,000 add on features available for website functionality. Why not give it a try and build your website now.





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