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By | October 30, 2016

I started this post by researching online. I was interested to learn binary options trading. There are some people who call binary options trading (BOT), I’m going to get tired typing it out, a scam. It  is not a scam. It is definitely legitimate. The thing is that the internet is loaded with BOT scams. It is apparently a very easy thing to scam. Make no mistake, BOT is gambling. All trading is a gamble and this is no different.

Binary Trading For Beginners

What is BOT and how does it work? Basically it’s simple. A question is asked and the answer is yes or no. That’s it, you bet yes or no. you win or you lose. I realize it’s more complicated, but check this out.


This is where the scammers come in. They will tell you that they have written a software program that predicts the outcome with 97.5% accuracy or 95% or 100%. Come on, 100% accurate, we’ll all be billionaires before you know it. You can’t lose, right. You give them your money and I promise you’ll lose. 


These 3 companies, Quantum Code, Qbits, Gemini 2 are phantoms. They only exist to take your money. Notice what they say is their winning ratio and also how much money you’re going to lose if you give it to them. This website recommends these companies with a rating of excellent. Their logo is below.


This website gives scam reviews that are a scam. It appears to have been built just to support the scams. My advice would be do not trust that logo. If you look carefully they announce it: Is Scam.


Looks really official, doesn’t it. A news release talking about Orion Code by Edward Robinson. Another scam site supporting the same scam. If you watch the videos for Orion Code and Quantum Code, you’ll see 2 different actors reciting the same script. If they weren’t conning people out of their money it would be funny.

Binary trading brokers

If BOT is something you’re interested in getting into, then it is important you deal with licensed brokers. They will charge you a small fee but at least they’re regulated and they won’t cheat you out of your money. Some of the scammers list a broker, some don’t. The brokers that are listed are not licensed. Finpari is one and they are not a licensed broker. Also, they cannot accept trading from the USA. BinaryBook is another one mentioned. They can accept trading from the USA but they are not licensed either. Banc De Binary is also not a licensed broker who cannot accept USA trading.

Best Binary Trading Sites

If you’re interested and want to try this, I recommend Nadex or Forex. Both offer free trail accounts. I myself am trying the Nadex free account. They’ll load your account with $2500 monopoly money and you can try it out. If you lose it, you can reload. Seems to me this is the way to go.

If you found this interesting or have questions, please go to bottom of page and drop me a line. Love to hear from you. Thank you for your time.



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