Avoid Scams

There are many types of scams online. Email scams seem to be the most popular. Emails that say you’ve won money or a lot of money is available to you but first you must pay the sender a fee in order for you to get your money or share of the money and if you send them a money order, the only thing you get is a receipt. Then there is the one that says ” you’ve been approved” for a high limit credit card and all you have to do is pay the fees up front. Anyone who has ever had a credit card where fees are involved, knows that fees are applied to the card and deducted from your limit. You never pay an up front fee for a credit card, but people do fall for these scams.

Then there’s the one that says give me money and I’ll teach you how to make thousands of dollars¬†overnight.¬†Ask yourself, do they want money up front, if so, it’s probably a scam. Remember, there are ways to make money online. Many legitimate ways and many people willing and able to teach you. It’s up to you. As I said, I can help.

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