A Mission Statement

My Personal Mission Statement

First, If you are seeing this, then I want you to know that I appreciate you. Thank you. I mean this sincerely. Above all, I want you to find value in what I’m doing. 

I had a life coach who said leave yourself notes that you’ll see as you start each day. Little reminders, something meaningful to you, of how you want to live each day. Since then I have two every day reminders I look at. 

  • Honor the Gift
  • Be Consistent

Every sunrise, sunset, friend, acquaintance and all things of beauty are gifts that must be honored. Honor life so that life will honor you.

When I started this website I added two more post its.

  • Respect your audience
  • Value before profit

This is an affiliate website. This means I may earn a commission if you purchase something I promote. I refuse to promote anything that I don’t think has value. I believe that everything I advertise will give a return on investment if you work at it. I don’t promise pie in the sky. You won’t get rich overnight and I’ll never say you will. Not gonna happen. No schemes, it all takes effort. Work at it and you’ll get out what you put in. I believe this.

I don’t have all the answers but together I think we can find the answers. I want to help you achieve what you are willing to work for. We need a dialog for this to happen, so if you have any questions or comments on anything you see here drop me a line below.

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